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Does Your Child Have These 5 Bad Dental Habits? Know More on How to Prevent Them

As a parent, millions of questions may have crossed your mind when you don't know how to make your child's sometimes atypical dental habits and behaviours. Let us demystify the ones you should be concerned about and the ones you can ignore and allow your child to grow out of safely. The Day Care in Jaipur Vaishali Nagar will tell you the habits which many toddlers go through:


This is one of the worst habits of toddlers, as it tends to damage the teeth and jaws. The reasons for sucking the thumb may be many, but essentially the main reason could be craving for love, security, and affection. In addition, to make your child leave this bad habit, you also have to supplement it with psychological help. You may have to use thumb guards, bitter liquids, and dental consultations to break such habits to assess any damage to oral tissue, all parts of treating and breaking the habit.

Tongue thrusting

This habit is very hard to notice. Tongue thrusting occurs when the child swallows and their tongue, instead of coming to the palate's normal position, comes forward and pushes against the teeth. Though this habit may look harmless, years of swallowing in this inappropriate manner will cause a tooth position shift.

The Day Care in Raj Nagar Extension suggests you train the child consciously by giving them a position to place their tongue appropriately. You can even use a simple habit-breaking appliance called a tongue crib, which can be worn in the mouth. This device can hold the tongue in place and help it acquire a new swallowing position. This habit is difficult to detect in children and can only be identified when children are kept under observation.

Teeth grinding

This practice is relatively common among children whose parents frequently grinding their teeth either in the day or at night. Sometimes, it is accompanied by an alarming gnashing sound that can you send into a panic mode. There are various reasons that children act in this manner. It could be a genetic disposition, mispositioned teeth, or even deficiencies and worms in the gut. A parent might find it incredibly difficult to handle it if the teeth grinding is advanced and the grinding is frequent and audible. Various treatments are instituted by dentists depending on the age of the child. The habit is mainly involuntary and may go even undetected if it is mild.

Frequent snacking

While frequent feeding may not be unhealthy for your child, the food sticking to their teeth for several hours can lead to decay or gum problems. Training your child to wash their mouth after every meal is apparently one of the best oral habits. Multiple harmless practices like lip biting, pencil chewing, or swallowing everything in the mouth can be small things you can allow your kid to grow out of.

Bottle to bed

Many children are raised with the habit of a comfort feed at night. Some parents consider it as an innocent habit. But it can lead to baby-bottle decay — a dangerous condition for the child where the majority of the teeth get weakened by a hasty process of decay leading to bacteria contributing to prospects of pain and infections in the mouth, an uncomfortable experience, and several premature dental treatments. The best prevention treatment is to put the bottle elsewhere at night, and if you have no other option, follow it up with water and ensure the washing and cleaning of teeth after. The Preschool in Najafgarh teaches children good oral habits.


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